The Only Facemask

Sports Sampler

  • $32.00

The workout set is ideal for these days when you need to get your sweat on:
Start with Alex to work these squats or go for a run.
Or hand over a River to your friend who forgot their mask.

Alex is perfect for a visit to the gym, a brisk walk, or for those who struggle with thicker materials.

River is our revolutionary disposable face mask with a water repellent, non-woven polyurethane material that’s highly porous, allowing for easy breathing.

The Workout Set includes: 
Alex - Gray
1 Alex
- Black
1 River Disposable Mask


Protection layers: 2-ply micro 
Ease to breathe: Easiest 
Lux comfort 
Anti Odor 
Washable: 20 times 
Water Repellent 
Outside layer: 100% polyester
Inside layer: 100% Nylon

Protection layers: 3-ply non woven 
Ease to breathe: Easy 
Lux comfort 
Anti Odor 
Water Repellent 
Outside layer: Water repellent non woven fabric 
Inside layer: Moisture absorbing fabric


25% of the net proceeds to To know more about our engagement with them click here.

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